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Services scope:

Exhibition design and overall planning. Venue layout, construction.
Display and exhibition equipment design, manufacturing, sales and leasing.
Folding truss design ( Easy-Truss ), manufacture, sales and leasing.
All kinds of poster frames, manufacturing, sales.
Pop-Up Stand ( Easy-Net ) design, manufacture and sales.
Portable display stands ( Easy-Panel ), design, manufacture and sales
Poster design and catalog design
Posters and Large Format Printings and Wide Fabrics with dye sublimation
Rear projection screen and equipment, etc.

With the daily pace of global trade liberalization, the accelerated division of various industries becomes increasingly important and more eager. In improving the competitiveness of products after marketing strategy is a more important issue for business owners to plan very carefully. And the most important task for marketing personnel is how to raise the sales volume through the efficient exhibitions.

The “exhibition" is a very important part for marketing. During the exhibition, every exhibitor offers all the business solutions to catch eyes of visitors, in order to reach the potential customers and to obtain orders in this competitive field.
However, how to plan a high-efficiency exhibition activity within a limited budget is a great responsibility of exhibition planning personnel.

We established in the year of 1990, by setting a goal of seeking an efficient exhibition opportunity for customer’s products and company image within limited budget.
We always focus on exhibition products design and advertising related products to fulfill customers’ convenient and easy needs in domestic and foreign exhibition.

More and more exhibitors noticed the importance of environmental protection issue. It would be concerned in the booth decoration and furnishing as well.
When huge amount of trash of decorated material left in every exhibition that caused resource wasted and damage of environment, it’s stunning and heart broken for every one and no body would ever like to see it happen in this way. Not only the money wasted, but also the environment ruined. That’s why our innovation purpose for.

Let us be going exhibition and going green as well. It drives us to keep inventing new products. Not only to save money for customers, but also to reach customers’ expectation in the exhibition. Furthermore, your suggestion and encouragement play a very important role in our products innovation too.

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